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I currently own two dogs – Kerrie and Ross who are the models for Meg and Jazz.
Photograph of KerrieKerrie is 11 years old now. She was born in Midlands to a young dog and bitch who lived in a pet home – I am afraid she was an accident!! Her father is Bertie (Wizaland Wilbur), her mother is Bonnie (Madley’s Miss Bossy Boots). I first saw her sitting by the back garden gate, her lovely little face peeping through and her long fluffy coat all topsy turvey – I fell in love instantly.

Kerrie is a lovely little dog, she is sweet natured, not a jot of trouble, gentle, playful but a real worrier. She hates it when anything goes wrong and assumes that it is always her fault.

A few months ago Ross cut his foot and he kept licking it and opening the wound. Every time he went to lick it someone in the house shouted – “leave it”!!!! Kerrie cottoned on to this and kept watch – even when he was out of our sight we knew when he was licking his foot because she told tales!!

Kerrie absolutely loves her food – every meal is eaten with gusto. She loves playing ball, chasing the frisby (a little slower these days) and pottering with me in the garden – helping!! She loves walks on the canal, doesn’t mind the ducks but hates the coots and – loves going down to the beach at Crosby at the weekend.

She has an amazing vocabulary and even when she is asleep, has one ear open – “just in case”.

At 11, she is a little slower now, but apart from a little bit of arthritis, is very well and – just as lovely as when I first saw her at 6 weeks old.
Photograph of RossRoss is 20 months old. He was born in Hindley Green at the Beesting Kennels. His dad is Jack (Beesting Orlando), his Mum is Blue (Roxy Blue Lady Vom Skuddenhof).

I first saw Ross at Jean and Jimmy’s when he was two weeks old and he became “my boy” then.

Ross is a typical lad, up to a few months ago he seemed to be constantly in trouble for one thing or another and although he still tears around at a rate of knots, he does seem to have grown up a bit.

Ross is a real softie, he has never growled, raised his hackles, shown his teeth or barked at another dog – he is just friendly and wants to play. That means that sometimes he does get told off by other dogs and you can see in his eyes that he just can’t believe it. That’s when I come in useful – for protection.

As with Kerrie, Ross also loves his ball, his squeaky toys – which he always seems to get out to play with during Coronation Street – and his frisby. He also loves pottering in the garden but is definitely less helpful than Kerrie. His greatest love is his chew bone which he manages to chew through far too quickly – however, it keeps him quiet!!!

Ross also loves walks on the canal but unlike Kerrie – doesn’t mind the coots but is obsessed with the ducks. He loves nothing more than disturbing their rest and “popping” them from the bank, back into the canal. Two swans have nested by the canal this year and have three gorgeous cygnets – all new to Ross who ran up to say “hello” promptly to get a peck on the nose accompanied by a huge hiss. We all keep a wide berth now!!!

Ross is “my boy”.


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